AI-powered drone to click photos, make videos

AI-powered drone to click photos, make videos

If you love aerial photography and videography, here comes an artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered drone that can take 13MP photos and make 4K video.

A Beijing-based startup Zero Robotics has developed a protoype of “Hover Camera” with 32GB storage.

You just need to simply toss the 238-gram “Hover Camera” into the air and it starts flying. Using AI-face tracking, it automatically locks onto a face and body for a perfect selfie.

On the bottom of “Hover Camera” is a sonar sensor and an extra camera that it uses to steady itself, even against the wind, technology website reported on Monday.

It has a carbon-fibre body with soft rubberised coating, making it strong, light, and safe. It has the software to digitally maintain image stabilisation for both photos and video.

The device can spin and take 360-degree panoramic videos. It relies on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform which is running at full speed all the time.

According to MQ Wang, CEO of Zero Robotics, they want to build personal robotics for everyone and this is just a first step.

The final version of the product will be released later this year, the report added.