An India-Australia Cricket Story You Haven’t Read!

Ranga Plays Australia begins with a dream in Akkithimmanahalli, and ends in Niamong, a journey of twists and turns, fascinating characters and events interspersed.

Ranga Plays Australia is one of the best books I have read that initiates a child into an alien country while at the same time working as a text of study. I wonder how many can pull off something like this without even visiting the country. I remember a British writer who did the same in the detective genre (Inspector Ghote in Bombay series) without ever having been in the Country. Congratulations on what ought to be the RANGA Series of children’s books. M. Bhaktavatsala, Bangalore

It was interesting and it created a sort of little suspense as I wanted to know if Ranga could actually fulfil his dream or shall I say his big idea. I would give that a 9 out of 10. Anuj Kumar, London, England

This delightful story comes with a sparkle of freshness and simplicity and the reader will be left wondering how much is fact and how much is the imagination of the author. The simple honesty of the characters mixed with the time honoured belief that “anything is possible”, leads us to travel with Ranga on a journey that will enthral, amuse and at times have you relishing in a sentimentality that we all share when an unlikely hero is given a ‘leg-up’, just because his dream is a worthy one.

S. K. Bandyopadhyay, Bangalore
A “must-read” for all who love the game of cricket, who love the games youngsters play apart from cricket and who love the game of life in particular. And to those who say they don’t like cricket much, read it anyway. You have a very pleasant surprise waiting for you. Gysbert Fine, Melbourne

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