Augmented reality-powered app to let you know your beer

What if there is an app that can tell you about your beer, alcohol volume, place of origin and even taste before you gulp it down?

Blippar, the world’s largest image recognition and augmented reality platform, has joined hands with The Beer Cafe, India’s largest beer chain, to help the customers know their beer better.

Using the augmented reality (AR) platform, the Blippar app will let you know its place of origin, the alcohol value, what type of beer is it and above all — how does it tastes.

This is how the “Know Your Beer” visual browsing feature works.

Scan the bottle with the app and it will come to your phone with a pub kind of a set-up.

The four options including “Origin”, “Tasting Notes”, “Alcohol by Volume (ABV)” and “Beer Type” will appear.

The user can tap on each element and sees the pop ups appearing on the screen. This also has a close button for the user to go back to the main screen.

“The Beer Café is glad to associate with Blippar and use augmented reality to help inquisitive beer enthusiasts distinguish their lagers from their ales,” said Rahul Singh, Founder and CEO, The Beer Café, in a statement.

“This is the first time in India that Blippar as an AR platform has taken an initiative to cover almost all beer brands present at The Beer Café, added Arnav Ghosh, Managing Director, Blippar India.

The app is available free for download on App store and Google Play Store.