Chasing the Silo Art Trail of Victoria

Debasree Dasgupta @travelinstylewithdebs

Hungry for adventure? Today I am taking you on a virtual tour to the unique silo art trail of Victoria. Yes, you heard it right. I have been a tourist in my own state and this time, I took a drive to explore the northeast of Victoria to the Murray trail surrounding the borders of New South Wales up north of Victoria.

Benalla’s famous silo art trail speaks volumes about its rich history and takes you back to a time that is worth discovering. Situated less than three hours drive from Melbourne, this small town offers you nothing less than a wanderlust trail. Meander through the street of Benalla, as you take in the town street art. Benalla is home to over 70 murals by well-known street artists.

North-East Victoria Silo Art Trail

The high country of Victoria resounds with a dozen forms of art and the below trail is worth the drive.

In less than 45 km, which you can cover in less than an hour, you will be able to explore the unseen and beautiful art of the local artists of Benalla. Benalla has been recognised as Victoria’s leading arts and cultural centre.

  • Goorambat silo
  • Sophia of Goorambat
  • Devenish silo
  • St James silo
  • Tungamah silo

Every art is a creation of an artist whose name you will find engraved on the mural/silo art.

In Benalla, they say there is art in everything, and you got to see it to believe it! Make sure to support the local cafes and eateries when you visit them.

Just when you think you have seen enough, head towards the north of Victoria, the Murray River trail is waiting to show you a bit of medieval history.

Echuca Moama, Murray River trail

Take a cruise past the historic port of Echuca and under the 150-year-old Echuca Moama bridge.

I took an evening sail with some refreshment, while seeing the sun go down the mighty Murray, the feeling was unique. Minimal crowd and an absolute countryside feeling.

Make sure to explore the port of Echuca Museum, to learn all about the rich history.

The Silo Art Trail

from the freezing border of Victoria, which offers you amazing boutique coffee and an amazing art trail.

While driving towards Echuca, make sure to spot over in the following places to grab some Instagram-worthy shots.

1) Rochester

2) Colbinabbin

3) Tongala

4) Rushworth

Their stunning wetlands with art in the background promises to wade off your winter blues away, along with the captivating silo art trails.

Laid back, rustic northern towns of Victoria, offers an idyllic country life. Grab a bite at the local café or explore the port of Echuca all day long while settling in during the sunset at the local pub. Or take the last cruise across the mighty Murray while the sun goes down on the historic port of Echuca.

Therefore, this following school Holiday, when you run out of ideas about where to head, give a try to explore this unique Silo Art trail of Victoria.

Have you ever explored a hidden place in Victoria? Share your pictures with me and tag me on my Instagram @travelinstylewithdebs


By Debasree Dasgupta