Deepika Padukone’s personal trainer gets you fit

Fitness enthusiasts can now work and get a session with Deepika Padukone’s personal trainer Nam Wook as part of travel platform Airbnb’s ‘At Home With Airbnb’ initiative. Wook shows you how to get fit at home using only your body weight.

The unique set of online experiences that brings together India’s most popular celebrities, artists and influencers. Each experience has been curated keeping in mind the diverse and engaging ways in which guests can connect with people across cultures and hone their skills through the platform. It allows guests to visit the host’s personal spaces to learn their craft in small groups that allow for personal connections and conversations.

Nam Wook who is also Brand Ambassador to Under Armour India give details.

The lockdown has forced people to re-think fitness and gymming. What are your thoughts on this?

Wook: This lockdown has been a completely new situation for each one of us. The restrictions represent a new challenge for fitness-lovers, however, we need to explore new ways to adapt to this change by making new routines and planning our fitness better.

This is indeed a tough time for those who preferred group classes, training in pairs/teams or practicing routines that were heavy on equipment. With so much happening around us, failing to achieve our goals will only make it difficult to continue on our path to fitness. It is important to set easy goals for yourself.

There is no need to train one hour each day. You can adopt a routine of training 2-3 days each week as well. People should stay connected, virtually, with one another and train together. It is our self-discipline, ability to modify our fitness and stick to it, that will keep us going even in these challenging times.

The importance of exercise has never been more in the spotlight as it has during home sheltering, why is that?

Wook: During lockdown, people who enjoyed walking or running outside would practice the same on their rooftops, parking lots or do spot running. For everyone training at home, I would recommend circuit training, which helps break from the mundane. One can look at 5 to 10 rounds of 3-5 different movements with each movement lasting 30-60 seconds. This will ensure continued enthusiasm by trying new things every time while keeping the body toned. While the importance of exercise is increasing, it is important to have the right guidance as well, to ensure what you practice is good for you and is helping you achieve your goals.

When it comes to working out how essential is it to have a trainer?

Wook: It is essential to have the right direction and supervision while training. Especially for those who are adopting fitness now. It’s important to structure your goals with a professional trainer who can guide you as you work out. If you can afford it, consulting a trainer regularly is the best way to achieve your goals, avoid injury and have exciting workouts. However if you cannot, I would say once a week to every 15 days for a consultation and to set up new routines.

Sports or working out which is the better bet, especially in the current situation?

Wook: Choosing between the two depends on each person. Sports is more fun! Due to the confinements of the lockdown, most sports enthusiasts cannot play their favourite sport. However, one can look at more adaptive sports like gymnastics, martial arts or boxing. These can be mimicked at home and the fighting movements help the whole body with cardio training. These are some of the ways to adapt to the current restrictions.

Since the lockdown, while one may have shown the excitement towards fitness, not everyone was ready for 50 push-ups, burpees or squats in one go neither were they an expert at training.

Everyone needs a little guidance so not only are they assured about getting the movement right, but also have fixed routines that help them reach their goals. Without a fixed routine or guidance one can end up injured or bored, which may lead to demotivation instead. Stay focused, prepare simple routines, seek guidance, don’t get bored and keep evolving your fitness regime, with or without a lockdown.