Developed: First washable phone

First washable phone

In some good news or germophobes, a Japanese firm claims to have developed he world’s first waterproof smartphone that can be washed with soap and water.

Waterproof phones have been on the market for a while in Japan. However, that did not protect phones from the kind of rigorous scrubbing needed to actually clean he device and kill bacteria.

To address the issue, Kyocera’s new `DignoRafre’s pitched as the world’s first soap-proof phone. The Rafre’s designed to be used in all kinds of environments without fear of getting dirty, since it can be cleaned off easily with hand soap.

According to Kyocera, he Japan-based electronics and ceramics manufacturer, he phone is ideal for use in the kitchen, outdoors, or even the bath. The Rafre is said to have a touch panel that works even when wet.

Another addition that may have helped the Rafre’s durable nature is Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver, the bone-conducting technology that provides audio without a speaker.

The phone will be launched next week in Japan for 57,420 Japanese Yen or about US $465.