Dolling up this Mother’s Day!

We are all embracing the new normal and keeping us inspired and motivated through the pandemic situation.

We’re at that time of the year, where we the moms look up to get pampered and feel special. Being at home this time shouldn’t keep us away from being dressed and look good and allow your little one to do something special for you.

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit, so this Mother’s day grab that outfit from your closet, that has been sitting there waiting to grab your attention.

Dress up and make a statement, while we all plan to celebrate Mother’s Day indoors and with our loved one.

So here, are some 5 outfit inspiration that you can replicate this Mother’s day.
• Animal prints: Reveal your wild side and add a dash of fun in your autumn wardrobe. Someone asked me recently, when will this Animal print trends end, and I smiled and told her probably never. For me, it’s hard to choose between leopard prints playsuit or snake printed blazer.

• Floral: Whether spring or autumn floral are always in trend and you can’t deny the power of a floral outfit on a dull gloomy rainy autumn day in Victoria. Style it with your favourite humble denim jacket or throw a block colour trench coat.

• Statement sleeves: While, we are sometimes lucky to experience warmer autumn days, save this hero outfit for some special days like this. While I am especially in love with a one-shoulder dress, statement sleeves steal the show. Be it puff sleeves, balloon sleeves or bell sleeves or one-shoulder dress, this is one of the emerging trends this autumn.

• Bold prints: Ditch the wild way and embrace the chaos of prints, polka dots, classic prints, prints overprints. Choose what the heart wants and feel comfortable what you carry. Style it with a neutral/classic silhouette and a pair of nude boots. Retro vibes never fade and being a fashion influencer, I would never miss a chance to stand out with a focal point of an outfit like this.

• Denim Love: Denim holds a special place in my autumn wardrobe, owing to the simple fact that it’s a trans-seasonal hero and it happily holds this position. Be it the running errands denim dress, or the humble denim jacket of yours that has been used and misused plenty of times and yet you still feel no dress looks good without it. Be it denim over denim look or simply styling a dress with a denim jacket. This trend is unlikely to leave this space for some time.

So, if you ask me what my favourite trend I would wear this Mother’s day, it would be the bold prints. I love experimenting with colours and styling prints with a plethora of my daily wardrobe essentials helps me to choose a sustainable way to a fashion-forward world.
Remember fashion is all about being comfortable in your own skin and yet be stylish and trending at the same time.

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