Dragon speech recognition software empowers you through voice

software empowers you through voice

Nuance has taken speech recognition software to a new level with the launch of its Dragon Professional software.

The latest version, Dragon Professional Individual, was recently launched with a host of associated products including a version for Mac and Dragon Professional Group which is designed for enterprise document-sharing environments.

Dragon Professional Individual (DPI) is the personal version of Nuance’s PC based
Speech-to-text product.

By simply using your voice, Dragon lets you interact with and control your computer using English. You can navigate your desktop and applications by using simple spoken commands. Plus, Dragon Professional lets you dictate documents and emails much faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy.

Dragon Professional Individual is perfect for busy people and students, and those who work from home or in small business and wish to boost their personal productivity. Dragon Professional makes dictating, editing, formatting documents, spreadsheets, presentations or emails, and completing forms very easy and quick.

Dragon also helps you engage with your computer hands-free and therefore, in a more ergonomic and comfortable way. As you use your voice to interact with your computer, Dragon helps to reduce the physical stress of typing. It helps relieve stress on the hands and arms.

Setting up and using Dragon is quick and easy. There is no need to read pages and pages of training material. Just select your geographical area and pick an accent during setup. And, regardless of whether you are in Australia or India, Dragon supports Indian accents. A friendly, interactive tutorial gets you started. For those who wish to use Dragon on various devices, you will find the software’s ability to synchronise profiles across devices a welcomed plus.

The software is very feature-rich and has been designed to help users boost their personal productivity. Among the software’s features is Dragon Bar which provides access to an entire word processor called Dragon Pad. This allows you to generate a range of text documents. The Dictation Box lets you dictate and correct text which can then be cut and pasted into any open application by pressing the transfer button. The Auto-Text function is a real time saver. It lets you set up blocks of words that can be recalled using a voice command. For instance, if you write numerous letters you can have a standard command like Regular Letter, which then activates a complete template ready for use.

For those who prefer to use audio devices to record information for later transcription, Dragon Professional Individual supports a range of Nuance-approved digital voice recorders and can automatically transcribe text back at your PC. Plus, it provides you with the added benefit of the accurate transcription of another single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded audio files.

The new Dragon Professional Individual delivers greater speed and high performance speech-recognition features. It is simply an impressive package for those who wish to increase their productivity and efficiency.