Evoxyz Technologies launches app to track your kids

Gurgaon-based start-up Evoxyz Technologies has launched ‘EvoSchool’, an app that shows live location of your kids on your smartphone when they are in school premises.

“The idea behind creating EvoSchool is to provide a safe, easy and cost-effective communication platform among school administration, teachers, kids, and parents. EvoSchool lets you know where your kids are on real-time and makes it very easy to have direct information about school activities,” said Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar, CEO and co-founder of Evoxyz Technologies, in a statement.

The app can be installed on your smartphone or can be directly accessed through web. It is available on iOS and Android platforms.

The app is coupled with a tiny waterproof device Evotag that enables GPS tracking and immediately sends an alert on your smartphone if it detects any security intrusion.

Based on a set of rules, the school administration and parents get alerts to prevent security incidents from occurring inside the school and till the children reach home. One can also receive SMS alerts when needed.

The solution bundles a strong parent-teacher communication platform to enable school staff to communicate with the parents on a daily basis, and access information about attendance, classwork, homework, examination results, circulars, events related information, and emergency notifications.