Get instant medical reports with ‘LiveHealth’ app


LiveHealth, a mobile health app that provides electronic medical records (EMR) solution, announced it has delivered a record 61 lakh instant diagnostic reports to nearly three lakh patients in less than six months.

The Pune-based startup has over 85 percent of patients associated with a tie-up with over 200 diagnostic centres in 25 cities across India, the company said in a statement.

Founded by Abhimanyu Bhosale and Mukund Malani, the app helps collect samples and generate reports by analysing patients’ information.

Once a patient decides to go for a diagnostic test, the system helps in registering the patient with the health care provider, generating a unique barcode for the sample, tracking the status of the sample and collecting the results directly from the lab.

Using the barcode generated earlier, the test results are then automatically fed into corresponding reports of the patient and verified by a doctor with the help of the app.