Healing through colours

Colours are part of the natural world and they play a major role in a way we feel and react in various circumstances. Colours have various frequencies that energise or soothe us. Colour therapy or Chromotherapy is the practice of getting colours and their frequencies to heal one both physically and emotionally.

The main objective of colour therapy is to correct physiological and psychological imbalances in the human body. There are nine frequencies in the universe which have nine colours. Each colour has different physical or psychological symptoms.

Dr Anju Sharma, Psychic reformer, Sound and Energy Master and Founder of the Musical Healing Band “Sound of Infinity Band”, said how an individuals can reap the benefits of each colour by applying them in their life.

We have seven colours and according to Indian philosophy, these seven colours represent the chakras that are the centres of spiritual power and the energy field within our bodies. The flow of energy in the human body (and even in the universe) moves upward. Therefore, when the chakras move from its place or become imbalanced colour therapy helps to bring them back to its point.

Red – is a passionate and warm colour which brings vitality and stimulates energy. It is the base colour representing the root chakra, located at the base of the spine. It is the basic frequency connected to the Earth. If the red frequency is excessively high, then that person is over-confident in every aspect of life. If the red frequency is low, then that person lives in fear. A suicidal tendency may also come into the picture if the red frequency is on the lower side.

Orange – is related to joy and happiness and represents the Sacral Chakra which is located 2-3 inches below the navel. It is the mind-body chakra. This colour is associated with reproduction, body parts like adrenals and pleasure. If the orange frequency is weak then the frequency of creativity also goes down. People with low orange frequency face infertility issues. Their sexual desire may also decline and even their water element is weak. On the other hand if the frequencies are high the sexual desire is also high. If you want to create anything new either a project or a new life, the colour orange is very important.

Yellow – represents the Solar Plexus Chakra, located between the navel and sternum. This bright and cheerful colour can help stimulate intelligence and also detoxify the body and mind and enhance the immunity to heal ailing people. Yellow colour indicates fire and symbol of action. If the yellow frequency is weak then the ability to activate our plans go down. If a person gets easily anxious it is because the frequency of the colour yellow is imbalanced. Such people also face digestive issues.

Green – represents the Heart Chakra. It’s associated with body parts like the heart and lungs. Since the colour is associated with the heart so all related issues like peace, harmony, calmness and the feeling of lack of love can be sorted with this colour. This colour is known for its balanced healing properties. People with low green frequency are very introverted. They don’t want to mix with people. If the frequency is in excess, then the person is called an extrovert. Both introverts and extroverts don’t have harmony.

Blue – represents the Throat Chakra. This is associated with the thyroid and metabolism. Anybody who has thyroid their blue frequency is imbalanced. Looking from the psychological aspect, most of these ailing people are females. As they are suppressive. These days even kids are falling in this category. During this Covid-19, the frequency of colour blue is getting disturbed. Increase in domestic violence has increased the suppression that lowers the frequency and makes the person weak.

Indigo – is all about vision. It represents The Third Eye Chakra, located between the eyebrows. This is associated with the pituitary gland and influences our sleep cycles, self-esteem, clarity, wisdom, and intuition. This colour is good especially for kids, to help increase their focus, memory and concentration. On the physical level, problems like headache and weak eyesight are symptoms.

Violet – It represents the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of the head. It is associated with awareness, higher consciousness and insight. It is the connection between the internal and external world. All those people who want to do meditation but are not able to because of lack of connection and distraction are due to their low frequency of colour violet. On the health front, these colours are related to the cerebral and nervous systems.

Besides these, two more colours–Black and White, have an effect and add up to a total of 9 colours:

Black – It is the colour of absorption. Wear it where you want to hide your personality.

White – White is the colour of reflection as well as spirituality. It is also the colour of the universe because white is the source of all the other colours. The universe started with the white light and ends with black.

Remedies: To correct misbalanced colour frequencies try these remedies:

Start to wear that particular colour. If you don’t want to wear a particular colour, then try to keep that colour around you so that your body can absorb its frequencies. A particular colour has various shades. Therefore, wear those shades that you connect with. The same concept is applied to gemstones as well. If we see in psychological perspective, your emotions are also weak due to imbalanced colour frequency.

Water is considered as the first medicine. Drinking water helps your body. If we infuse the frequencies of the colour into water and then consume, it will work wonders. Take fresh drinking water in a glass bottle, wrap it with the shade of the colour you connect with and place it in the early morning sun for around 2 hours. The sun’s rays will have infused the water with the colour frequencies which you can consume the entire day. Avoid plastic bottles.

If you feel that all your colour frequencies are disturbed then start with the red based frequency. This is for survival instinct. Follow it for 20-25 days then move to the next colour in line – orange. If people balance the red frequency, the root chakra, then 90 percent of the problem is solved. Wear those colours that connect with you.

By Puja Gupta