How your desk job can be harmful to your health

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Have a desk job with constant aches? Keep in mind these tips

Sitting and working at your desk at the office all day long can take a toll on your health and leave you with many nagging aches. According to University of California’s David Rempel, you could be suffering from a painful variation of tendonitis if there is a sharp pain at the base of your thumb and the inside of your hand when you turn your wrist, grasp a handle or make a fist and it can be made worse by a sticky or unresponsive to a light touch spacebar.

Rempel said that to avoid the ache at the back of your neck, you should keep the monitor at eye level so you don’t have to hunch close to read. Alternating between sitting and standing during the day and strengthening your shoulders with hand weights can help prevent the kind of stiffness that results from holding the same position, he said.

Rempel added that keeping your keyboard at elbow level or slightly higher, and your arms bent at 45-degree angles while you type helps reduce neck and shoulder pain. One is also suggested to get up from their desks at regular intervals and give their bodies a break.