Incense smoke more toxic than cigarette’s

Incense smoke more toxic than cigarette's

Incense smoke contains chemical properties that could potentially change genetic material such as DNA and therefore cause mutations, a new study has claimed.
This follows the first study evaluating the health risks associated with its indoor use.
The research, led by Rong Zhou of South China University of Technology and China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial Company in China, compared the effects of incense and cigarette smoke.
Incense burning is a traditional and common practice n families and temples in Asia. During the burning process, particle matter is released into the air.
This can be breathed in and trapped in the lungs, and as known to cause an inflammatory reaction.
Smoke from the sampled incense was found to consist almost exclusively (99%) of ultrafine and fine particles, likely to have adverse health effects. It was also more cytotoxic and genotoxic than the cigarette used in the study, researchers said. (PTI)