Sweets can help you stay in shape?

Sweets can help you stay in shape?

It may appear counter-intuitive but including a little bit of sweet, in your meal could help you stop gaining unhealthy weight, a new research suggests. Eating sweet food causes the brain to form a memory of a meal, and this memory can help you control your eating habits, the researchers explained.
Neurons in the dorsal hippocampus, the part of the brain that is critical for episodic memory, are activated by consuming sweets.Episodic memory is the memory of autobiographical events experienced at a particular time and place.
“We think that episodic memory can be used to control eating behaviour,” said one of the researchers Marise Parent, professor at Georgia State University in the US.
Studies have found that increased snacking is correlated positively with obesity. To understand energy regulation and the causes of obesity, scientists must consider how the brain controls meal onset and frequency, Parent said.
In the current study, a meal consisting of a sweetened solution significantly increased the expression of synaptic plasticity in dorsal hippocampal neurons in rats. Synaptic plasticity is a process that is necessary for making memories. (AGENCIES)