How Life Coaching Can Help You Achieve Success

Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne. | Facebook page: Empower Your Destiny

Life coaching is an opportunity for you to invest time and energy in becoming the best version of you. You won’t be alone in this journey as you will have a life coach by your side who will guide you through a cognitive process to uncover your values, identify your goals, and create an action plan.

What results can you expect from this investment in you? Through coaching, you are placed on the fast track to enhance your personal skills, improve your managerial style, become a more powerful communicator or influential leader, achieve a balanced life, increase self-awareness, or boost motivation.

Life is like a tightly bound rope and the strands are intimately intertwined. Each strand represents a different aspect of life such as health, wealth, work, relationships, and much more. If you have experienced a time in your life where you felt unhappy in one of these categories, you may have also knowingly (or not) also experienced dissatisfaction mirrored in another part of your life. This spill-over effect happens when lack of satisfaction in a relationship impacts other areas like work, health or social life.

Albeit difficult, it is okay to acknowledge when you have hit a roadblock and need help moving forward. This is not a sign of weakness, but instead represents the strength needed to be vulnerable and the ability to self-reflect. This is where a life coach comes in. A coach may work with an individual on a professional or personal level and oftentimes these two strands merge into one.

By definition, a coach is ‘a bus used for longer journeys’ or ‘a railway carriage.’ In other words, a coach takes a person from point A to point B. The role of a coach is to help you overcome obstacles, elevate skills, and build momentum. Similarly, life coaching occurs through a series of conversations in an individual or group setting aimed to help individuals achieve results by moving from a current situation to a desired state. Life coaching unlocks personal potential to maximise performance, boost self-esteem, improve communication skills, enhance work performance, build great relationships, and achieve balance between work and life.

The process of coaching works by setting a goal-based objective, identifying desires, describing in detail what you truly want to live a fulfilled life and what matters to you. The attention and commitment you receive during a coaching conversation can rarely be experienced elsewhere. Coaches deliver a curiosity to understand who you are, what you want, where you want to go, your thinking style, and how you experience the world to uncover what is preventing you from achieving the life you want. Your success, your happiness, your goals, your relationships, your health, your mental well-being are the only objectives for a coach.

You never know when you may need to activate life coaching as a resource in your toolkit for success. Whether you have a goal in mind, or you are not quite sure if life coaching is right for you.

By Barinderjeet Kaur
Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behavior specialist based in Melbourne. Facebook page: Empower Your Destiny