Improve Wellbeing With Regression Therapy

The benefits of regression therapy extend far beyond the clearing of symptoms. Often, the result is healing at all levels—physical, emotional and spiritual.

I used to be a skeptic. As a psychiatrist I had a firm belief in the traditional scientific medical model, only accepting a theory that could be proved with empirical evidence. But after a year of using conventional psychotherapy on a patient who presented with phobias and anxiety, I was prompted to try hypnosis. I asked the patient—Catherine—to go back to the time and events that caused her phobias. To my complete amazement, she went back to a former life in the Middle East and described her experiences with extraordinary detail. Catherine began to improve after this session, and all her symptoms eventually vanished as she recalled more past lives while under hypnosis. Within a few months, she was completely cured.

Regressing to significant childhood events, or even to past lives may provide considerable relief and benefit in the present time. Whether you suffer from symptoms and fears or whether you’re just curious, there are many blessings to be had from practicing regression exercises.

Many people experience vivid memories the first time they do a regression, for others it may take a few days. Many benefits will accrue even without memories.

In fact, approximately one-third of the people who follow my past-life regression exercises don’t immediately have recollections of past lives. Nevertheless, the meditations offer other types of healing and benefits. Many people have written to me to say that regular practice of the exercises has helped them to deal far better with the stress and turbulence of their daily lives.

Physicians know that stress and anxiety can depress the immune system—therefore, achieving inner peace through these exercises can be very beneficial for one’s health. Relief from chronic pain can occur quite rapidly when its past-life roots are uncovered.

Through the process of remembering, symptoms diminish and a strong sense of relaxation and wellbeing often emerges. By practicing past life regression, you’ll find that you’ll be filled with more peace, joy and love—and virtually all aspects of your life will benefit.

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(Brian L. Weiss, M.D)