Indian debut authors make Melbourne chuckle

Almost everyone marries in India. Men and women marry all over the world, but their marriages are no match for ours… Ours are all about fun, masti, relatives, glitz and good food, while theirs are solemn affairs minus any brouhaha… Moreover, the roles that enthused Moms in India play in arranging the weddings of their little darlings is by no means a feat possible for their Moms to accomplish.

Girls and Boys in India grow up with dreams in their eyes… they are dreams that have largely been planted there by their Moms. Every Mom believes that her ward is the best available in the marriage-market and shall one hundred per cent succeed in drawing The perfect boy/girl in matrimony.

It is to assist the doting and warrior-type mothers who are otherwise also sufficiently braced up for the challenge, that the tech-geeks unassumingly brought the magical world of the www at their doorstep. Numerous online portals have mushroomed and added spice and variety to the hitherto a-little-dull process of match-making. is a comic novelette written by Navniit Gandhi and Varuna Khullar and published by Readomania Publishing and unveiled at the Pune International Literary Festival in September 2019, which takes you right in the midst of this modern-day brouhaha, which is typically unfolding in the life of Leena.

As you delve into the first few pages, you are certain to take a pause… Lo! Behold! You may be strongly convinced that Leena is your next-door neighbour or the girl that you see every day briskly walking in the park,

Leena embarks on a journey and the journey is sprinkled all along with encounters; encounters that she has with a couple of samples, simpletons and smart-asses. At one point, Leena feels like pasting on her status: ‘Before we start chatting, I’m going to need a $100 non-refundable time-wasting fee, just in case you turn out to be a piece of shit.’ No, she does not do that. Then, what happens??? Well, would you not like to pick up the book?

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