Make water from air

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Make water from air

South African-based Company, Water from Air, has sold nearly 400 machines that make water out of air since the last three months.
The machines suck the in air, cool it down and use the condensation to create filtered mineralised water which is 100 percent pure and clean.
Water from Air totally works on the basis of humidity in the air. The smallest machine can make up to 32 litres in 24 hours and the largest one can make up to 1500 litres a day. Water from Air’s Ray de Vries said that it was the first company to make home units available and have already sold 384 units in the past three months.
He said a mobile unit could be used during the aftermath of a natural disaster, or at a large sporting event. De Vries said they were proud that this was a South African initiative.
“This [making water out of air] is nothing short of miraculous. It is actually very obvious: the solution, air, has been right there in front of our noses.”
He said the machines also solved the problem of transporting water over long distances.
“We don’t take the water somewhere. We make the water,” said De Vries.
“We can create rain during sunshine.” he added. (ANI)