Man finds best friend’s doppleganger on dating app

Man finds best friend's doppleganger on dating app

David Aronin, 25, accidentally stumbled across a profile with the picture of his best friend. Or that is what he thought.

After he contacted his best friend Ilyssee, 28, she vehemently denied having a profile on the dating site JSwipe.

It later emerged that the profile did not belong to Ilyssee indeed and instead belonged to Veronique Hadjibay.

In an attempt to track down her doppleganger, Ilyssee had to post the picture she got from David on Facebook and other social media websites.

Many rejected her claims saying that the picture could be a clear example of `catfishing’ -stealing someone else’s identity.

When Veronique was finally tracked down, it further emerged that both the girls lived in the same city and worked in the same industry -fashion.

“Apart from looks, I can’t believe we also both live in New York City, both work in fashion… what are the chances? So crazy,” a thrilled Ilyssee said later.