Medical apps can be boon against rising infertility problems

Medical applications can be a boon for guidance against the rising problem of infertility in the country.

“Applications and portals can cut on the lack of awareness on causes of infertility. They are proving most credible and sought-after entity, providing guidance for not only fertility treatment in India, but also complete healthcare during pregnancy and parenting,” said Yagvendra, co-founder of is a website guiding pregnant women across the world on how to take care during pregnancy.

“These portals guide patients to the nearest available doctors and helps them fix appointments easily,” said Yagvendra.

Several reports have said infertility in India is a leading disorder among the younger generation.

Reports say changes in lifestyle, increased use of contraceptives, excessive smoking and drinking both among males and females will result in 23 per cent rise in infertility problems by 2020.

According to the experts, women with hormonal problems due to excess use of oral contraceptives use such applications to get information on remedies, even without going to doctors.

“Eighty per cent of the people suffering infertility problems globally use online and offline sources for searching the best hospitals and fertility specialists nowadays,” said Sreja Kulkarni, a gynaecologist at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

She said if such digital platforms are promoted it will reduce unnecessary burden on government hospitals.

“Online medical platforms are booming. However, it has to be ensured that applications and portals on health subjects, especially infertility, do not mislead anyone,” said Kulkarni.