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Michael Schumacher – Life, death and everything in between that

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This German Formula One driver had the world riveted to his precision, his sharp and focussed mind and his brilliant performance in one of the most dangerous sports in the world. He is a legend who is synonymous with the word speed. For years Michael Schumacher has been an inspiration for many people and motivated many to look at F1 races as a career option.

Recipients of various awards and accolades at the national and international levels Michael Schumacher is a highly revered name in the sporting world which is loved by people irrespective of their gender, age, profession and social status. Hundreds and thousands of hearts across the world had become catatonic on 29th December when Schumacher met with a fatal accident putting many lives at a standstill for some time.

Schumacher was lain in an artificially induced coma since December 29 2013, in the University Hospital of Grenoble in France after seriously injuring his head during a low-speed ski accident the same day. Such is the aura of this man that even after his retirement from the racing career he is the biggest inspiration for the lovers of this sport. The whole world is praying in unison for his quick recovery.

It’s almost an irony that a man who championed one of the most dangerous sports in the world got battered when he was enjoying his personal life, otherwise safer than his professional life. The freakish accident which put him into coma shook the entire world as much it shocked his fans and the racing fraternity.

While the world is waiting with bated breath to see him get out of coma and recover, the uncertainty associated with this possibility casts a shadow of sadness on such thoughts.

The outlook for Schumacher, 45, has been obscured by the decision of his doctors and his family not to give regular updates on his progress. But what is known seems increasingly dispiriting, at least for his prospects of achieving a complete mental and physical recovery, or even of escaping long-term impairment. The upcoming Grand Prix championship in Melbourne will be a constant reminder of the ordeal the entire Schumacher family is going through.

Attention has moved on, with Schumacher becoming only the latest, if one of the best-known, additions to the sobering roll call of those who have fallen into the oblivion — for weeks, months or even years — of long-term comas after sustaining traumatic head injuries while engaging in potentially hazardous recreational sports. While his fans and well-wishers continue to pour in their good wishes and prayers for him and his family, the absence of any recovery sign is pushing people’s hopes beyond the horizon of optimism.

Speculations are rife about his recovery rate,  his stability, his future and his career, but for now let us all live him the peace and his family some privacy to deal with this unforeseen incident and hope that all Schumi’s fans and family members get courage to face the outcome of this situation. The question isn’t anymore about will he come out of coma or will he not? The question is should we give up on life when life itself hasn’t given-up?

By Madhumita Thakur