More Americans choose Mexico for retirement

Mexico City: More than two million retired Americans have chosen Mexico as their new home, a figure that continues to increase thanks to the pleasant climate and favourable economic conditions, Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara said.

During Friday’s inauguration of the 1st National Forum for Retired Americans: Expectations and Solutions of Life in Mexico, the official said that Mexico offers such products as medical tourism, rest and relaxation tourism, and business tourism.

She said that retired Americans are a segment of great importance for developing the economy of the nation’s tourist destinations, and added that more and more Canadians also opt for retirement in Mexico.

Guevara said that the favourite retirement locations are Mexico’s northwestern states and the Yucatan peninsula.

At the same forum, the president of the International Community Foundation, Richard Kiy, said that 53 per cent of retirees making their home in Mexico are under age 65 and choose Mexico for the favourable living conditions and stable economy.

He said that Mexico being near their home country does influence their choice, as does the possibility of purchasing a home at a much lower price than in the US.

He said that 34 per cent say the economic recession has not affected their retirement plans or their quality of life.