New app helps in early diagnosis of cancer

Offering hope to millions of cancer patients around the world, the Scottish government has launched a new app that helps doctors diagnose the disease using information about symptoms, signs and images of what to look out for, a media report said.

Created at the University of the West of Scotland and available as free download via Apple and Google app stores, the app features a quick reference guide for health professionals.

“This app, which has been developed in partnership with health professionals and patients, will make it easier and quicker for doctors, pharmacists and senior nurses to access information on referral for those suspected of having cancer,” Scotland Health Secretary Shona Robison was quoted as saying.

“Improving the number of patients diagnosed at an early stage will reduce premature deaths from cancer and have a positive effect on overall life expectancy,” she added.

“Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of GPs’ (general practitioners’) equipment and apps like this are part of the future of primary care and for GPs keeping knowledge up to date,” said Dr Douglas Rigg, a Glasgow-based GP who was involved in the development of the app.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the disease claims nearly 500,000 lives in India annually, which is expected to rise manifold in the next few years.

If detected early, an early diagnosis of cancers that are curable can go a long way in controlling the disease.