‘Samparka’, a film shot and released in Melbourne is Siddhartha Banerjee’s labour of love

Melbourne: Melbourne based actor-director Siddhartha Banerjee recently completed his new film ‘Samparka (Relationships)’ in Bengali language. This film, incidentally, is the first ever long-duration (65 mins) Bangla film made in Australia. Siddhartha managed multiples roles in the film – from story, script and screenplay to dialogue, cinematography and direction.

Born and brought up in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, Siddhartha has been passionately involved in professional acting and modelling in India and Bangladesh for several years, before migrating to Australia. He was awarded with the ‘Uttam Kumar Award’ for two years in a row for Best Debutant Actor Male (1999) and for Best Actor (2000).

Samparka is Siddarth’s second work. Earlier, he made a Bengali short film Biponno. Samparka means relationship and the film revolves around two families where the relationship runs two separate tunes, almost quite opposite to each other. Joy (Nanda Chakraborty) who has migrated to Australia six years back and married to a local Australian girl, Linda (Romina Sliwo), is constantly fighting an internal battle. He portrays a new yet common dimension of human relationship in a multicultural family set-up. One day, he accidently bumps across a Bengali lady Shiuli (Urme Bhattacharya), who is both vibrant and beautiful and lives in the same city. Shiuli works for a big organisation in Melbourne and is also happily married to Shubho (Sanjoy Chakraborty). The story starts to flow down from this point like a river to the sea, with touches dramatic twists and turns, emotional roller coaster and temperamental turbulence on the way.

Siddhartha says, this film predominantly revolves around relationships and bondage between people of both similar and dissimilar cultural background. It is this element of the movie that clearly underlines how human relationships can go both sweet and sour with cultural diversity having little role to play as it is mostly, all in our minds.

Due to lack of adequate finance and patronisation, Siddhartha had to choose the free online platforms like YouTube and Facebook for the film to be available for the public to watch it. However, on a positive note, this online release has helped the film to spread it wings across the globe in a very short time, reaching out to a huge audience.

‘Samparka’ was released on July 5.

Siddhartha now is busy writing two more stories for a short and a medium-sized film that he intends to finish off shooting before the end of this year.

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(G’day Staff)