Share photos faster with this new iOS Instagram update

Photo sharing app Instagram has rolled out an update that makes it easier and faster for iOS users to share photos and videos — without opening the app.

With the help of share extensions users can now send pictures directly to their feeds from apps like photos.

Share extensions became available to developers back in 2014 when iOS 8 was released. Apps that already have the share option enabled include Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) and Twitter, but it took Instagram about two years to finally add the feature, technology website reported.

How it works? A user first needs to update to the latest version and then open the app he or she wants to send a picture from.

Press the share button and tap on the Instagram icon. A window will open to let the user write a caption before posting to Instagram.

The update also alters the context of an Instagram post by enabling users the ability to post a photo without filters and edits.