Shift Your Mindset & Achieve Results With a Balanced-Brain Approach

Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne.

I previously talked about FUN is the missing component to living your best life. Understanding the FUN Sequential Growth (FSG) Model helps people learn the necessary steps to experience growth that starts with your foundation, then upgrading, and eventually moving into a new notion. It doesn’t matter which level of the FSG Model you are operating at. What matters most is using a balanced, whole-brain approach. If you are a new business owner and are wearing multiple hats, this becomes even more important. If you are an established business owner, you must know how to access this whole-brain approach to build a team.

As an entrepreneur, have you ever wondered which part of the brain controls which functions? What about which approach is your dominant way of thinking?

We all are aware of the two halves of the brain: the left brain and the right brain. What is important to understand is the distinction and the different functions controlled by these two different parts of our brain. Even if a different part of the brain controls different functions, they don’t operate independently. However, one of them appears to be more dominant based on an individual’s strengths and preferences.

The left brain is believed to control language, sequencing, math, computation, and logic, while the right side of the brain is the more creative side, where feelings, imagination, and artistic abilities reside.
Being logical, detail-oriented problem solver are the basic traits of an entrepreneur. Whereas some business owners very much rely on the creative aspect of their business, which is important from a marketing perspective, as well as advertising their products and services.

To be able to learn and understand the two halves of the human brain can be a game-changer for an entrepreneur and their business growth. If you have been overly focused on the creative side of your business which means you have been operating from the right side of your brain. Spending too much time, energy, and resources on creating without testing and trying might lead to disappointing results.

Let’s consider marketing as an example that is a right-brain activity as it requires traits like creativity or an artist which is essential for designing a campaign or an advertisement. Your marketing campaign might turn out to be a disaster without paying any attention to data and analytics. On the other hand, relying too much on analysis, numbers, and figures, means using the left side of your brain might lead to failure as one might fail to resonate on an emotional level to their customers. Considering the same example; without creativity, your marketing might turn out to be a very uninspiring and very boring campaign for your customers, which fails to grab their attention leading to disaster.

Most of the times leaders tend to separate the left and right brain and look for a creative brain for inculcating new ideas and look for the analytical brain for commercial or work related to numbers. But having a diverse team and cultivating a balanced approach is likely to help an organisation to outstrip their competitors.

So, as an entrepreneur, one must learn and find out ways to balance both functions. If you are not able to maintain that balance, your company will suffer, and your team will be out of balance too; which will directly impact the culture, systems, operations, productivity, and revenue.

One of the most effective ways to move forward is to lead by example. Set benchmarks so your team can follow you. You might have heard of the saying, “your business can only grow, as much as you grow.” Embrace change, become flexible, be a champion, and demonstrate your commitment to your business’ vision and mission so others can follow your footsteps. The real challenge is to integrate both brains to build a successful organisation.

Using a balanced, both-brain approach, also known as the whole-brain approach; to be able to balance both sides of the brain will assist you in building a balanced team and achieving the desired success in business. By using the balanced approach you will be able to solve the highest value problems in your company, be able to enhance your ability to think differently, have a growth mindset, be able to envision what success can look like or feel like in your business, have an attitude through which you will be able to inspire success in others, which are the attributes of highly successful business owners. However, you must put it into practice to achieve results and that requires a mindset shift at the individual and organisational level.

To shift the mindset at an organisational level, leaders and business owners must think about building skills in a different way which will assist them in filling the gap. In an era of new technology, one must disrupt the old style or pattern and embrace the innovative ways and be open to whatever it takes to be a successful leader to stay ahead of their competitors in these ever-changing times.

Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne. | Facebook page: Empower Your Destiny

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