These smart clothes can blow hot and cold

Scientists in Finland have developed a new technology for smart clothing that automatically adjusts its temperature depending on the wearer’s needs.

The technology can be utilised in smart fabrics and clothing that are able to calculate whether the wearer needs to be cooled or warmed based on initial data measured from the person and the environment.

Furthermore, this techno the needed warming or cooling power so that the thermal sensation of the person wearing the cloth remains optimal in varying conditions, according to researchers of VTT Technical Research Centre.

The technology is based on the Human Thermal Model calculation tool, which measures a person’s individual thermal sensation from the prevailing conditions. There are significant differences between men and women, for example, because men have on average 5 to 15 kg more muscle mass than women.

The technology sustainably can be applied extensively even in demanding conditions, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and consumer groups such as policemen and soldiers.