Amazon unveils ‘Kindle Fire’

Amazon is out with a full colour tablet that’s less than half the price of the iPad. The online retail giant unveiled the Kindle Fire, its long-awaited touchscreen computer.

Experts believe Kindle Fire can challenge Apple’s dominance.

The Kindle Fire runs on Google’s Android software and costs only USD 199 and will let users download books, magazines, newspapers, videos and music. The cheapest iPads cost USD 499.

It will have access to apps through Amazon’s Android store and unlike the iPad, doesn’t need to be backed up on a PC. Instead, it backs up its contents wirelessly on Amazon’s servers.

Launching the Kindle Fire in New York, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said it was ‘unbelievable value’.

However, unlike the iPad and other tablets, Kindle Fire does not have a camera or mobile internet access. Its screen, at 7in, is much smaller than the iPad’s.

Amazon also showed off a new line of Kindle e-readers: the Kindle Touch has a black-and-white screen and will cost USD 99; the non-touchscreen Kindle will cost USD 79.

All models, including the Kindle Fire, will go on sale in November but users outside America will have to wait.