Apple unveils iPhone 4S

Apple unveiled a new iPhone today – the iPhone 4S.

The new phone unveiled at the company’s Cupertino headquarters, was half-heartedly greeted by an audience that was expecting an iPhone 5. The announcement seemed to underwhelm investors and online tech bloggers. Apple stocks fell 4.6 per cent recently to USD 357.53.

Apple made this announcement at its first major product event in years without Steve Jobs presiding. New CEO Tim Cook is leading the show after Jobs resigned from the post in August.

The new iPhone 4S will feature Apple’s A5 dual core chip, used in the iPad 2 and will be two times faster than previous devices, Apple said.

The iPhone 4S will run both on US GSM networks like AT&T’s and CDMA networks like Verizon’s, but it is understood not to be compatible with Australia’s new 4G network.

The new camera has an eight megapixel sensor. It will display HD video.

Apple is including a ‘personal assistant’ application called Siri in the iPhone 4S. It responds to spoken questions and commands such as, “Do I need an umbrella today?” It’s a version of speech-recognition apps found on other phones.

The iPhone 4S also has a new antenna design. While the antenna still wraps around the edge of the phone, the new design can switch between two antennas to improve call quality and download data more quickly, Apple executives said.

Apple today also announced a cheaper, reconfigured iPhone 4 which will sell for $US99 on a contract in the US, but will be available widely. It has 8 Gigabytes of storage.

Apple said the iPhone 4S would come with new mobile software, iOS 5 that includes features as the ability to sync content wirelessly, without having to plug the device to a Mac or Windows machine.