Bangalore gets its Metro – Namma Metro

Bangalore finally got its metro on 20 October. ‘Namma Metro’ has come as a great relief for Bangaloreans who are affected by too much traffic. The first train plied between Baiyyappanahalli and M.G. Road. Namma Metro is expected to reduce the traffic volume in areas like Majestic, Sampige Road, Hudson Circle and M.G. Road.

According to the official website, the main aim of the Bangalore Metro is to encourage commuters to increasingly use public transport. Bangalore Metro will work side by side with other transport systems like buses and mono rails, which will connect at major junctions as feeders. Namma Metro is seen as a complimentary and not a competitive means of transport.

The Bangalore metro is outfitted with Wi-Fi Internet for passenger convenience. Passengers will also have emergency voice communication with train staff through a speaker system. In addition to this, the coaches will be outfitted with cameras so that in case of accident or emergency, officials will be able to see exactly what went wrong. Namma Metro will also be fully air conditioned.

The coaches have padded fabric seats, and are equipped with LCD screens which also provide flight information. The trains are fitted with an event recorder that can withstand high levels of temperature and impact and the wheels have flange lubrication system for less noise and better riding comfort.

Ticketing processes are a combination of tokens and smart cards. However, the Bangalore metro has gone slightly more high tech, with passengers being able to buy their smart cards online. Online customers are also given the option of choosing their own unique 11-digit code on the card. Stolen/lost cards can also be blocked to prevent misuse. These are electronic tokens and are recyclable. The commuter drops it when he exits a station, and this is recycled.