Battle of the Tablets

It’s a good time for the tablet market at the moment, and with Christmas coming up, there are going to be a lot of decisions that need to be made. I’ll make it easier for you by reviewing a few. Apples ultimate build quality definitely needs to be mentioned as this week I upgraded a 3 year old iPad 1 to the newly released iPad Air. The iPad 1 has taken a battering with first me exhausting its use, then being passed down to the children. Its been dropped uncountable times and even has a dint in the casing yet It still works like it did on its first day. Apples sealed case limits upgrading and battery access, but adds a lot of strength. As a Technology addict, I upgrade to the latest as soon as its available, so have access to many tablets. For my use I juggle between a Microsoft Surface Pro and the iPad Air and for the kids, I’ve mixed things up with an Apple iPad mini and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

For smaller hands, the weight and size of the iPad mini and Samsumg Note 8 is very convenient. The two devices are of a similar size, similar price yet so far apart. There is a new separation, which is going to be more apparent between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has added the Stylus, which is like a pen. It slides into it so you don’t loose it and adds a lot of functionality, which Apple misses out. You can draw on it with pen to paper accuracy and adds a whole dimension of apps which are not possible without a stylus. I also like the fact that it promotes the use of a pen, which our younger generation uses less and less. Screen size on the Samsung Note 8 is far more superior to the Apple iPad mini. The display is so low resolution on the iPad mini, that you can actually see the pixels in the screen. Samsung add a microSD card Slot so you can upgrade your space requirements. As you need. Quite honestly the iPad Mini is a disappointment. The only thing it has going for it is its software. Most of you have used an apple and will find the familiar software making it easier to use, however, once you make the transition to another software and get familiar with it, going back to the Apple, you miss features like the back button and flexibility. You will find many apps are free on the Samsung, which will cost you on an apple. Before Christmas, apple are releasing a new iPad mini which will fix the screen quality issue.

For my personal use, most of my work is still done on a full size laptop, but for travel, convenience and portability, my choice is a Microsoft Surface Pro with the aid of the new iPad Air. Both devices have their plus points. The iPad air is miles ahead of the iPad mini, Screen resolution is fantastic, the size and weight ratio is perfect. If It had a stylus it would be the perfect device! The war between Apple standing by its no stylus design and Samsung will be interesting in the future. The ipad is great for a simple convenient device, however if you are after an extremely powerful tablet, nothing comes close to the Microsoft Surface pro.

With a display output and a USB port, You can plug in a monitor and a wireless keyboard mouse, you would think you are using a full scale Desktop. Packing an Intel i5 processor, 4Gb of Ram, and enough Disk space, its as good as a full sized PC. To top it off, it has a full scale Windows 8 operating system. You can install any windows program you want in its original format. On the Go, it has a 10” touch screen with a stylus and the flip cover is a keyboard and mouse pad. It is however twice the weight of the iPad Air. Considering everything discussed above, it comes down your intended use. Ease of use, weight vs. Power and function.

By Sundeep Shergill