Redefining the concept of NEWS

Just like in India, everything makes news in Australia too, and I mean literally everything. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we roll under our blankets in the night, each moment of our day is blasted with overdose of news. Right from the infamous, dramatic events of Hollywood stars to the twisted tales of politics and countless cases of corruption – news pieces keep fluctuating on our mental graphs. At times their volatility strikes our day with thoughts and contemplation and other times they crash our minds with the sheer absence of their irrelevance in anyone’s life.

Multimedia has further heightened the extent to which news can penetrate into our lives. Even if you wish to leave your newspapers aside for a day how will you escape the TV channels, social networking websites and smart phones which won’t let your mind rest in peace. Our lives were already traumatized with dedicated news channels, which present every miniscule thing like a “never before seen” event. Not to forget the theatrical impact which is accorded to all the news items for creating the thrills and frills of daily soaps. I mean who cares if LiLo (Linday Lohan) has been caught doped (again?!?) or how low Delta Goodrem’s neckline plunges each year in her appearance as judge on the Voice show. Don’t we see enough of such acts on televisions and in movies that now we have to read about these as well?

And why should we poke our nose into the receding hairline, diminishing waistline and sucked in cheeks of Shane Warne? We all know that he is smitten by his lady love, who was not-so-long ago known as the bold and beautiful Indian bahu, Liz Hurley. Aren’t we already sniffing too much into the lives of such people by prying on their health and might-sink career that the media is further attempting to bring alive their daily woes to public.

With social networking websites a new genre of users has burgeoned – that of wannabe journalists. Every person tries to propagate (read: report) news in most uncouth manner killing the very spirit of journalism. Forget the gravitas of the language chosen, most of these people don’t even verify the veracity of the information, they come across, before posting it for others to read. Things get worse when such rumours come accompanied with individual’s stinking thoughts laced with hinted expletives. We all like to be aware of things happening inside and outside our country, but when any random information occupies the slot in breaking news ticker to an extent of becoming a trend, our minds automatically get switched off.

Whether or not Ms. Gillard’s partner is gay or why Tony Abbott never ceases to commits faux pas or if shows like Celebrity Splash represent a decline of intellectual TV viewers in Australia, are merely pieces of information, which do not require to be tweeted, re-tweeted, posted, scrapped about or flashed in the top headlines and breaking news section of any form or media or multimedia. We can of course choose to laugh about such news or turn deaf ears to them, but wouldn’t it be better if media stopped perceiving every incident as sensational or scandalous and focused on issues which are relevant to us. And if you still feel the need for relevant news to be entertaining or amusing then tune into the current flavour of journalists the Gillard vs. Rudd bashings.

By: Madhumita Thakur