Tech Evolution


Since the days when “Commodore” was a Computer, not a car, Loading software using Cassette Tapes was normal, saving work onto a floppy disks with capacities of 1.2Mb was the only way to transport files, and the boot screen of a computer only showed the words “64K RAM SYSTEM READY”, I knew I had found my future.

Many wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about, as it sounds I’m from the era where kerosene was the main way to light a room. however I belong to the Revolutionary “Gen Y” Era who first used a computer in the mid 80’s and have experienced more technological advancements per year of life than any other Generation.  Being Intrigued at young age, and learning to understand how it all works, 25 years later, I have made it my occupation helping others understand computers.

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This issue I’m touching on the latest tech trend, “Cloud Services”.
Cloud is a generic term used for services, which live on the Internet. For business’ with their own infrastructure, cloud isn’t new, however with the reducing cost of internet and the increasing speeds of networks and devices, without knowing it, most people use “Cloud” services today.  Examples of how people use cloud services is, Software which is entirely on the internet, Email systems, Online backups, Document Sync and lately Antivirus with Cloud control allow us to manage hundreds of PC’s throughout the internet.

The big three players, “Apple, Google and Microsoft” are all offer their version of “Cloud”.

Apple integrates its “icloud” while setting up a new Mac, phones and ipad. This allows you to synchronise your Calendar, Mail Contacts and even Documents, Photos and Apps.

Google, apart from taking over the I.T World with its search engine, email system gmail, and even releasing its own phone software and recently operating system and computer, Chromebook, want to make a mark in the “Cloud” services.  With the advantage of gmail allowing it to sync Calendar, Mail and Contacts, Google Drives allows you to share documents with any other person with a google account.

Microsoft this year have made its biggest move to cloud services. A Few key decisions based on integration between devices, and taking new technologies head on. Their new operating system, Windows 8 have integrated the cloud as soon as you log on. By logging in with an associated email address, all your devices with Windows 8 can synchronise. As Microsoft have more of a presence in the Business world, we lose the best collaboration, email, business tool Microsoft Exchange, from Small Business Server Operating system to the cloud. The next version will only have one option to Exchange on SBS. Hosted Cloud based Exchange.

The Next era of computing is now matured. Now it is possible to not be tied to an office, or a device. You can pick up any device, log in and access everything you need to operate the way you want.  For business clients I do not promote using commercial “cloud” where it can be bought, sold, stolen. As I explained for business, Cloud isn’t new, it makes sense, creating your own cloud. For my clients and myself, I have created my own “cloud”. If a cloud service provider goes bankrupt, and someone else acquires their assets, it includes your data. To all business if your costs can justify your security, create your own cloud. You will then have total control of your data.

By Sundeep Shergill