What tweets say about Australians!

It seems, Australians post about 5000 tweets a minute!

According to a study on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, people in Canberra were the most anxious, aggressive and sad. This result was based on the analysis of words associated with emotions found in tweets sent by Australians.

The information was collected by processing the tweets posted by Australians over an eight-week period into software created by University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The results were later analysed and divided into sociographic categories.

The study also found that comparatively West Australians are upbeat.

While Sydney tweets the most, Melbournians were more sociable. Tweets from Sydney took the top spot for profanity, while Brisbane ranked second in this regard.

Most affectionate tweets came from Adelaide and Hobart posts the most tweets per capital.

The study also showed fifty-four per cent of women tweet and 58 per cent of all tweets generated in Australia come from Sydney and Melbourne.