“The ‘Incredible India’ campaign needs to be reinvented”

Panaji: If experts are to be believed, the ‘Incredible India’ campaign that is run by the Indian government to attract tourists has completed its life. According to them, the campaign needs to be revamped.

“The campaign has lived its life and it needs to be reinvented,” said Arjun Sharma, Managing Director, Le Passage to India, a travel firm. He was addressing a session on ‘Marketing and Innovation in Tourism’, organised as part of the three-day Goa International Travel Mart (GITM), which began here yesterday.

The ‘Incredible India’ campaign helped to improve tourist inflow into India. Mr. Sharma said the foreign tourist inflow has increased from 2-3 million to 5 million per year due to the campaign.

Mr. Sharma welcomed the government’s decision to step up tourist revenue target from USD 1 billion to USD 5 billion. The aim, he said, should be to at least attract one per cent of the global tourist population, which is 12 million visitors.

Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager of travel site www. TripAdvisor.com, said the Centre should spend a good chunk of revenue on the online media, since these are regularly visited by the tourists.

Quoting figures, Ganju said more than 30 per cent of the world population is online. “India has the third largest number of Internet users in the world after China and US,” he added.