Time, Energy, and Money – Life’s Currencies

Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne.

What you do NOW in this moment determines who you BECOME. Your energy, time, and money are your life currencies. Whatever you are willing to invest today will determine your future – whether you will be a leader or a follower. Fulfilling life belongs to those who are ready to learn new skills and adapt to the ever-changing world.


The choice is up to you. What type of life do you want to live?

A functional leader does not want to live their life by chance and stumble upon a solution. Instead, they make decisions and take responsibility for the path they are travelling. Leaders do not go in the direction where everyone else goes. Leaders make decisions and choose their path. Leaders know that better results require a different direction, and decisions lead towards a successful path full of growth.

Change is inevitable. And your choices determine your direction. Choice means that you are either growing or diminishing. We do not remain at the same level. What we have today will not be the same tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be a day older, but you have the choice to decide where and how you spend your time. It is impossible to get back lost time.

Relying on money is common and is often considered as one of life’s primary currencies. Few people hold onto money, unwilling to utilise this resource. To them, their mindset causes them to think this is the only resource, whereas others spend it not realising its importance. Others leverage money to save time. Your financial freedom is not dependent on the money in your bank account. It depends on what you are willing to give up in exchange for this currency. You can have millions of dollars in your bank account, but if you do not possess the energy to do the things you desire, your money is of no use. While expending energy you seldom notice how, why, or where you are using it. Too often, you may not realise energy’s value.

Imagine a day where you planned a picnic with your family. You have time and money, but you wake up low on energy, feeling restless, agitated, and lacking the energy to pack the required components for the picnic. You even lacked the desire to make conversation with your loved ones. Throughout the day, you raised your voice, leading to arguments, then fights, and returning home feeling drained. You cannot help but think, “I spent my time and money to bring happiness to my family, but now I am exhausted, and no one seems to care.”

Does this sound familiar?

You can have money and time, but if you are low on your (currency) energy, you will always fall short of living a happy life. Moreover, you can never live your life to its fullest extent. Now that you understand the importance of these three currencies, you might be asking yourself, “What do I need to do to save my currencies – time, energy and money?”

DISCIPLINE is what is required. Let me show you how DISCIPLINE can help you:

D: Daily checks. Assess where you spend your time, energy, and money.

I: Interested or committed. Ask yourself, are you committed to the goals you want to achieve, or are you just interested? If you are interested in living a fulfilled life, then you will be waiting for life to work for you, rather than putting in the work to change your old patterns and habits.

S: Systematise. Create structure. How are you going to spend, save, or utilise all three currencies?

C: Certainty. Even if you do not know how to spend these currencies, what to spend them, or how to manage them, being certain will ensure you will secure the resources and support that you require.

I: Invest in you. Understand the difference between spending and investing money. Every time you invest your time, money, or energy, it is to be done based on the returns it will generate. That exchange does not always have to be for the same currency. You could invest money and in return, you gain energy. You can invest energy to gain money. You can also invest time to gain energy.

P: Persistence. Continue along the new path even if your old habits attempt to stop you. Keep breaking past patterns and strive for success. Tony Robbins, renowned author, coach, and motivational speaker says, “Repetition is the mother of skill.” Make this your mantra for life.

L: Learn daily. Like software that demands occasional upgrades, humans do too. A life coach can help you refresh your life approach so you can reach your full potential.

I: Implement what you learn. Knowing and implementing are different things. By now, you know which currency desire more of, or which one you want to invest in or save. Implementing this knowledge is where success lies.

N: Notice every moment by being more observant. Learn to pause and reflect so you can observe your progress. Acknowledge yourself for utilising the knowledge and making a choice to commit to your growth.

E: Enrich your life. Following this DISCIPLINE approach can guarantee you are on a path to success.

When it comes to living a fulfilling life, you will make it a reality, or you will find an excuse. If you are looking to live a fulfilled life and need some support, schedule a discovery session free of charge.

By Barinderjeet Kaur

Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne. | Facebook page: Empower Your Destiny

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