Tip from the Art Guru: Free trial class-Helpful or not?

Many times, you see advertisements for dance classes, saying “Free Trial Class Available!! Register Today”.

Are these actually the decision-making point for you or your kid’s entire life?

Art Guru says, “Think Again”.

With the availability of many options, at times beginners get confused in finding the dance they are fit for. You may even find a dance that you are fit for, but finding the dance that defines you is altogether different.

That’s why the concept of trial classes was created. Sadly, now it has become like a package deal, where trainers intentionally teach you the simplest steps of any art form to allure you into joining regular classes.

Our Art Guru suggests that in a trial class, you should try and watch the other senior dancers first and then learn a few new steps, rather than pushing your own limits by trying and learning the whole new dance vocabulary. By watching other dancers, you will know if the art form resonates with you or not.

The purpose of a trial class is to understand the antiquity and meaning behind that art form, to be able to appreciate the deep-seated roots. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are able to learn even a single step in that class or not. The point is to go back home and do your homework by learning more about that style.

If confused between a few dance forms, you can certainly take a few classes of each style and then compare your comfort level. If you do that, then make sure that you give each dance form a sufficient amount of time for it to develop into something beautiful. Learn about the theory of that art form too, so that you are able to compare the basic cultural ethos. Developing an art and nurturing an artist are both time taking processes. Nothing will happen in just one trial class.

You need to recognize the dance aesthetics to excel. Each dance has simple and difficult movements and choreographies, unless you give any art form its required time, you will never achieve your best. Simply doing a few movements is only interim happiness.

Once you have found your medium of expression, your success will be a reflection of your persistence. The more effort you put, the more you will shine.

Therefore, our Art Guru says, be conscious in selecting your own artistic expression, especially for the young beginners, parents have to be very careful in making them aware about different options but then letting them choose their own.

(Sanchita Abrol)