Flying into India? Brace for new immigration rules

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Passengers flying into India will have to fill up a new immigration form from 1st March to declare Indian currency exceeding Rs. 10,000 being brought by them, among others.

The ‘Indian Customs Declaration Form’ carries additional fields for declaration of dutiable goods and baggage (including hand baggage) in a separate column for passengers entering into India, said the new rules notified by the Finance Ministry.

An Indian citizen would need to fill up the immigration form only when he or she goes out of the country. There will be no immigration form for Indian citizens returning from abroad, the rules said.

The new form will be different from the detachable perforated strip which is a part of the immigration card at the moment.

For the first time, travellers would be asked to specifically declare any prohibited articles, gold jewellery (over free allowance), gold bullion and Indian currency exceeding Rs. 10,000 in the new form.

A passenger will have to give details of countries visited in the past six days and mention the passport number on the new form, which was not there earlier.

Old fields like declaration of satellite phone, foreign currency exceeding $5,000 or equivalent, aggregate value of foreign exchange including currency exceeding $10,000 or equivalent, meat, meat products, dairy products, fish or poultry products and seeds, plants, fruits, flowers and other planting material have been retained in the new format.