Stopover on the Great Ocean Road

Renowned for its rugged natural beauty, shipwreck stories, and surfing culture, the Great Ocean Road and its frequently changing and dramatic landscapes and views make these 242 kilometres stretch of road Australia’s most famous coastal journey.

But when we think of the Great Road, there is much beyond just the 12 Apostles.

So, let’s take a moment to discover the hidden gems on the Great Ocean Road.

Port Campbell

A colourful, vibrant and lively seaside town that screams summer all year round. A popular tourist destination, especially in summer, wherein the beachside cafes and bars offers the perfect dining ambience.

Today, I am going to take you around a few hidden spots around Port Campbell.

  • London Bridge: The collapse of the London Bridge highlights the everchanging structure of this coast. With the rocky sandstone cliff shoreline slowly crumbling and shifting in structure due to the continuous erosion of weather and sea. A great place to stop and ponder and enjoy the view of this limestone formation.
  • Port Campbell National Park: The discovery walk is one of the most scenic walks that takes you along the coastline and rugged cliffs showing you a scenic beauty that you otherwise would have missed. This is a moderate hike and would take appx 1-2 hour return.
  • Port Campbell Bay: Known for its amazing swimming beaches, this bay is safe and the perfect place for families to unwind during a summer day. You can see kids happily playing and enjoying themselves on the sand while adults unwind with a beer and a book. The bay is formed from two cliffs shielding the area from major ocean currents.

It creates a tranquil bay with gentle waves ideal for swimming and surfing. The Port Campbell Jetty is also located in the bay, where you can go fishing. There are plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the views or have a picnic. It’s a fun place to spend the day.

  • Mutton Bird Island: The best place to see the short-tailed seabirds is at Mutton Bird Island. The island is another unique rock formation off the coast that attracts lots of birds to nest. Another magnificent limestone structure located near the London bridge. It has a scenic viewing platform where you can stop and keep gazing at the beauty of nature.

Port Campbel is one of my favourite places on the Great Ocean Road for an overnight stopover, great food, great ambience, and an amazing stay on the ocean road.

If you experience seasickness, you can take a shorter route to Port Campbell from Melbourne to avoid having to cross Lorne.

Let’s talk about accommodation, the beachside Motels offers a cosy and cheap stay at min $150/ night. Reasonable enough as it’s right across downtown and a 20-meter walk to the beach.

If you find yourself adventurous enough, then there are a couple of trails to walk off the Port Campbell National Park which takes you through the caravan park to a scenic walk up the stairs to the top view of the bay.

Take this walk during sunset and treat yourself to some splendid Aussie sunset.

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Till then, keep exploring while I will be back next month with yet another adventure.

By Debasree Das