Travel Post-Pandemic Staycation is Taking the Front Seat!

How Travel is changing post pandemic and Staycation is taking the front seat

Travel, the word spells luxury to me these days and I am sure it resonates the same to many. The world which was, free and easy has been divided by restrictions and radius boundaries.

While International travel is restricted, and domestic travel is always a risky proposition owing to quarantine and lockdowns. Traveling and re-discovering your own state is a wonderful choice we have, isn’t it?

However, being a travel blogger, I am giving myself an opportunity to be a tourist in my city. Yes, you heard it right.

Being a proud Melbournian, living in the Western suburb of Melbourne, I do miss the city vibes. Grabbing a good cup of coffee from a boutique Café to kick start my day, to falling in love with the sunset that lingers over the Skyline of Melbourne.

I miss everything, so while the restrictions keep easing and travel within Victoria becomes more viable, I decided to boost and support these small City Apartments by having few Staycations in the city. It is a great way to boost some local tourism and support small businesses that are striving hard to hit back post-pandemic. 

Do you remember the last time you had a Staycation in Melbourne city? Well, I never actually did in the last five years whilst calling myself a true Melburnian.

I recently stayed in this beautiful Melbourne Lifestyle Apartments on 889 Collins Street, Docklands, famous for its shopping and café vibes. This place was my weekend destination with friends.

Waking up to some amazing city views and re-living those moments without a rush to catch the V-line or drive home, I had my fair bit of extravaganza with family.

These city Apartments are self-contained and offer the perfect venue for a family with kids too. Wake up, smell the coffee and cook up your favorite breakfast, while enjoying the city views. Jumping on the pool and reading over your favorite book while you see the city coming back to life again.

My 7-year-old daughter misses the fun she used to have at the District docklands, while I enjoyed my lasagne and coffee with some afternoon retail therapy. Catching up with some old friends over a glass of wine to doing some pub hopping in the Flinders Lane. 

No matter where you stay, Sunshine, Broadmeadows, Sunbury, Footscray, Altona, Whittlesea or anywhere in Melbourne or in regional Victoria, gift yourself a Staycation this Summer and help these small businesses to survive and bounce back again.

While I am doing a bit of my share to help these small businesses survive and grow, how would you like to support your local tourism

With the Travel vouchers support from the Government, our Regional Victoria is getting back on track.

However, these small businesses in the city are yet to gain back their prominence and still struggling to make a comeback.

Give these small businesses a little push to bounce back, we all can do our little best towards growing our local tourism. What say? 

By Debasree Das