As a child, Jai Madaan says she was naughty. Her pranks would include telling it like it is. “I used to look at people and say things, which used to come true. They thought it was kaali zuban (black tongue), though I don’t have a black mole on my tongue,” she laughs. On her part, Madaan too dismissed them as flukes. It was only when she got married and became a mother at the young age of 21 that she realised she had some uncanny abilities which she honed to use them positively. Today as a careerist tarot reader, astrologer, palmist and vastu expert, Madaan has made a name for herself acquiring a number of patrons who often come to her for guidance along life’s journey. Based in Delhi, Madaan was here in Melbourne sharing her knowledge and expertise on numerous areas. The Indian Weekly caught up with Dr Jai Madaan. Excerpts.

Should one believe in astrology?
It’s a good question. There are certain things in life which are beyond our control, say, why we have the kind of kids we have, why are we not born in another country, and so on. When things happen and we want to control them it is good to understand them. It’s not necessary that you have to believe in astrology but understanding it makes you more open minded. It makes you more understanding towards how nature is working, towards your purpose, your calling. There is no need to visit a doctor if you are OK, if you are not you do visit one. Similarly when you feel you are stuck in life, it helps to see an astrologer.

What is the most powerful thing about astrology?
As per my understanding, it is very beneficial for students particularly. Understanding astrology is like going deeper into your DNA. You understand yourself better without being imposed by someone else’s decision. I think that really goes well for students who are often confused who are not great in decision-making, who do not understand their own voice or trust their gut feeling.

Can human beings change destiny?
How do you know what has been written on your destiny till somebody else reads it out for you? Also the person who reads out might not be perfect. We can assume the destiny, we could be as close as 99 per cent but there is something above us. So it cannot be hundred per cent accurately decoded but we can be very, very close. Changing destiny is always possible because karmas are very important, we do have different karmas as we have different sets of mind. Actions are all what your thoughts are about. When you have a changed thought pattern, by default your lines on your palms also keep changing. So I think it is mind over matter. If you can write actions, you can maintain a certain set of mind, and you can change your destiny.

How can birth and death time be accurately predicted?
There were people who have done that. Lots of saints in different religions predict their time of death. For instance, in Buddhism there is a certain set of teachers called lamas, they tell ‘at this point of time after so xx number of years, come and pick me from here and we will start our journey again’. But I think it is over and above astrology because calculation is still within your mind — when you get intuitions which are above you, when you get connection through that realm which is over and above you. And it’s not important for an astrologer alone to have it. Sometimes people do have in in their dreams, even kids have it, in fact we all have it in our natural phase of life. So the point of astrology is that you have to get connected to your own inner voice, the journey has to start within. You have to connect to your inner voice.

When did you first discover this gift that you have?
Well discovery came very late because I was extremely naughty as a child and just in my own way of playing games, I used to look at people and say things. It used to come true. So it was more like a fluke. In Hindi we call it kaali zuban, though I don’t have a black mole on my tongue, but that’s what they used to think. I got married at a young age, I was 21 when I became a mother but my daughter was not very healthy when she was born, it was not a great phase of my life. During my pregnancy I use to engage a lot in mind games, hypnotherapy and it was all my creation I realised after what my daughter went through. That’s when I realised the power of praying. But the art of praying has to be manipulated in the way we use manipulation with our parents, spouses, teachers, friends, politicians et al. Similarly you have to do little manipulation with the universe as well. You just can’t be saying whatever comes to your mind because if it comes true you might be in trouble. Be more sensible while asking because there is someone who might answer. I realised a lot of things after my daughter’s birth. I had huge visions that I am talking to a lot of people and it was somehow pacifying them. That’s how I started. But I had to hide my profession for six months from everybody because I started from a garage and didn’t take money from everyone. I was told to join the family business as because at the end of the day it really matters for people how much you earn. For me, that was not how I saw my life going.

What differentiates astrology from vastu, numerology and palmistry?
People ask me why I do everything together, vastu, astrology, numerology, palmistry, handwriting analysis, tarot sometimes, and a lot of other things. Well, they are all connected. If you are walking on a path without your shoes don’t you feel like removing every obstruction such as pebbles or stones that come your way? Similarly sometimes your chart is very promising but because of your own negative pattern, things don’t appear on your hands. For instance, your name may not be in sync with what you are born to achieve so you need to correct. Or the space you are living in, the name the hand, the handwriting everything may not be in sync. I believe when you are successful without much effort that is because things are in sync with each other. When people come to me for guidance it is my duty to understand the different realms and provide them the best.

In Astrology, which aspects of someone’s life can you not predict?
All aspects of your life can be understood, known and predicted by astrology but you have to be guided by ethics. You should never predict a woman’s character, someone’s affair in front of the family, and you should never predict the sex of a child. These are my principles, which even if I know or understand, I do not give answers on.

Can being aware of dangers actually help someone avoid a possible accident?
No you cannot predict an accident but you can definitely control the intensity. It makes you more aware so that you can take right decisions to decrease or increase the intensity, that’s what the purpose of astrology is. Sometimes people do ask if I know about the situation and how they can avoid it. The answer is no. You cannot avoid it but when you know the intensity of something coming up you don’t take big leaps, you are aware about your decisions, you think twice, thrice, you take consultancy from people so that makes you more aware.

How often do you look at your own chart for guidance in your life?
The last time I looked at my chart was about 7-8 years ago. And that’s what I do to everybody. If I see a chart once even if I see them after 10 years, the information about the person gets registered in my mind. I know what’s going on, somehow it comes naturally to me but more than that I tell people never to get addicted to astrology. Whenever somebody comes to me they do ask when to come next and I tell them never. I don’t leave things for next time, and I am not here to create a cult of followers. That’s not my job. If you have an issue treat me like a doctor, if you are healthy don’t see me ever again.
Personally for my own self I do remember my chart but I see it more to calculate what’s happening in my life the maximum, to understand the movement of planet, how things are working and what different diversion it can take. I am more surrendered, that’s what I want everybody else to be, not being entrapped by any field but believing in something which is above us. Doing the right karmas and being happy with whatever is coming. Acceptance for me is more important.

How can people can best utilise astrology in their daily lives?
See astrology is all about the right way of living, I have seen people when they start believing in astrology the first thing they wear is lots of stones. I believe there is something wrong there. We all need shortcuts and that’s what people give to us as well. For instance, if you are wearing a pearl and you are not taking good care of your mother, trust me it’s not going to do anything. Or if you are wearing a ruby for a purpose and are disrespecting your father, it won’t have any effect. Planets are around us, they are within us, we need to change things inside us, that’s what astrology is all about. Not shortcuts about wearing this or that.

How often should someone be consulting a tarot reader in your opinion?
A lot of people ask me this question. I believe every person, especially every child, before he or she attains puberty should be taught tarot card reading. It’s a special medium to be independent to get your answers, it happens in all the religions. In Hinduism we get our answers from Ramcharitmanas by placing a finger on the dot, in Guru Granth Sahib we have hukumnama every day, in Hanuman’s Granth also we have Hanuman Shabdkosh where we look for alphabet, and in Christianity we have things from the Bible. It happens in all the religions because we do need guidance where the question is within us and the answer is outside. It’s mesmerising for us. When you teach a child or a person tarot card reading he starts believing in himself, in his own gut, that’s the best medium to activate the intuition which we are all born with. You are always busy in shaping up a child’s mind and memory but what about intuition and gut feeling? It’s a very special medium. You might consult a tarot card reader as often as you need but I would recommend learning it.

What has your Melbourne offered you in terms of your practice?
It’s my first visit to Melbourne, I love the city so much, but Australia itself is so beautiful. I love countries which are open to different cultures. But I hardly get to see flowers here in the hotels or outside, maybe I have come at the wrong season. Flowers make you bloom in life, they are very important for you to be happy, for your heart and mind to open out. If you have full seasonal flowers, you must have it around. Have flowers and fruits in your house so that it gives certain indication to your mind and heart to be blooming in life and to get results of the efforts you put in. I hope your life blooms and you get result of all your hard work.