Vedic Horoscopes November: D.Narayan (Tantracharya)

Mesha (Aries) Nothing favourable for your financial prospects in this month. Even with a certain amount of help you would be able to realize your planned objectives. There would be a good deal travel, but this, too, would appear to be a pointless exercise and bear no fruit. In fact, even small gains may be difficult to come by. There is the further danger that those engaged in exports, imports or any other dealing with foreign countries would also suffer a set-back. . This apart, a good month for your health matters Best days: 3, 12, 30 Lucky Colour: Red, Orange & Cream

Vrishabh (Taurus) An excellent month, during which the stars are in an obliging mood, as a result of which your professional prospects are quite bright. There is very little cheer for your financial prospects this month, Most of you could probably see your efforts wasted, and not get any nearer to your objectives. This means no progress of any kind. Those looking forward to gains from government would be waiting in vain, as well, because the result would almost certainly be unfavourable. Best days: 9, 18, 27 Lucky Colour: Green, Blue

Mithuna (Gemini) Nothing particularly helpful in this month so far as your financial prospects are concerned. Any dispute or litigation that you might be involved in is almost certainly going to be decided against you this month. This would entail substantial financial loss. You must, therefore, postpone a decision on the issue till a more favourable spell of time. A helpful month during which the stars will bless you with good health and as such there will be little cause for anxiety. Best days: 2, 7, 9 Lucky Colour: Red, White, Yellow

Karkat (Cancer) A month during which you would have excellent opportunities for advancing your career. There is a distinct possibility that some of you would go on make significant contributions in social- religious activity. The fact is that your entire work ethos would be enriched by association with gifted people of learning and spiritual stature. There is also some cause to be careful about any infection of the chest area, like coughs, colds and bronchitis. These, too, should be promptly treated Best days: 9, 18 Lucky Colour: Red, Blue

Simha (Leo) For most of you there is every chance that your efforts are not going to get you anywhere. This would apply to any new line of activities in particular. Those expecting any gains from Government are also not likely to be happy at the turn of events. The outcome would in all probability be unfavourable. This month is quite favourably disposed towards you, and will bless you with good health. Best days: 5,3 Lucky Colour: White & Orange

Kanya (Virgo) This month the combination of stars facing you is quite gainful for professional advancement. Though the work load would tend to be fairly heavy, the prevailing conflict-free working climate would make working less of a burden, with further salve coming your way in the shape of gain of a material sort. There would also be other gains. The company of influential people would involve your whole working ethos with a highly satisfying dimension. Most of you would tend to lead a principle life. Best days: 3, 12 Lucky Colour: Orange, Green

Tula (Libra) This month your financial prospects look good, since you would have several profitable opportunities to profit from, and more important, the drive and self- confidence to derive the maximum gains from these. In fact, all your efforts this month would be characterized by a touch of boldness, which will go a long way in ensuring success in your pursuits. Travel also would not be on any significant scale, even this would prove quite fruitless, though there may be some marginal percentage for you in a sojourn towards the east. Best days: 9, 18 Lucky Colour: Red, Blue

Vrishchik (Scorpio) An extremely gainful month, both in a material sense, as well as spiritually satisfying. some of you might go on to make a mark with your contributors in some socio-religious activity. There is also a gain from government. Your efforts would also enable you to realize the full expected profits, though at times, the going might tend to be a little slow. Nevertheless, the gains would accrue to you with a fair degree of regularity. Further, the climate would be quite congenial for the investment. Best days: 1, 3, 4 Lucky Colour: Red, Orange

Dhanu (Sagittarius) The signs from the stars are not very encouraging for your professional prospects. You could well find yourself slogging away at work, with the rewards being nowhere near commensurate with the effort put in, working conditions, too, could be less than desirable. Most important, your association with people of learning would not bear the usual kind of fruit. Travel also will not bear fruit, a month during which there will be little for you to do except to patiently persevere with your work. Best days: 9, 18 Lucky Colour: Red, Blue

Makara (Capricorn) The financial affairs looks very favourable this month. There is a remote possibility that some member of the female sex would do you an extremely favourable turn which would prove to be a boon for you., most of you can expect to achieve planned objectives. some of you would go on to handle your workers in a manner that will enable you to derive optimum benefit from their services. This would bring immense gains. Travel also would prove beneficial, and would probably bring quick though small gains. Best days: 1, 3, 4 Lucky Colour: White, Green, Blue

Kumbha (Aquarius) An excellent month, full of profitable opportunities. Some of associates may help you for a highly beneficial good gains that would be extremely beneficial. Further, there is every chance that most of you would be able to realize anticipated gains. Those of you engaged in the transport industry have a particularly suitable time ahead. Also you tend to make full profits Travel also will bring good profits. And there may be a good amount of travel. Best days: 5, 3, 6 Lucky Colour: White, Green

Meen (Pisces) A good month for your professional advancement, with a note of caution that must be carefully listened to. This would be a favourable month, with things going quite smoothly for you. Good fortune might well come to your doorstep through a favour done to you by a member of the female sex. This could really turn out to be a boon for you. This person could well be your own mother. A gainful month, during which you may exercise caution as advised. It is quite unlikely that any serious problems would arise during the course of this month. Best days: 2, 7, 9 Lucky Colour: Red, Yellow, White

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