Your New Life Demands a New You

Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne.

Every Day is a Choice: What’s Your Strategy to Achieve Success?

Each day presents a choice. Living life in a certain manner is just one of the many daily decisions. Everyone has their way of thinking and making decisions. These behaviours impact life positively or negatively. Should you grow or remain the same? What is your life strategy?

We each have a strategy, whether you’re aware of this or not. When we think about strategy, this can be simplified as what gets you from where you are now to where you want to be. The steps to progress and close the gap – that’s strategy. But the real question is, do you have the right strategy? Do you have the right strategy to help you understand what should be the next important step to achieve results faster?

Do you have the desire to accomplish more? Do you see other high achievers and think they are blessed to have it all – wealth, growth, and success? Do you think to yourself that those high achievers are different, and growth is not for everybody?

Well, here are 3 reasons why you’re stuck and are unable to elevate to the next level of success:

1. Break the routine: Many people come to me because they want to grow and reach new heights. They want to achieve new heights, but they are held back by their past. What do I mean by that? They are unwilling to leave their old place and want to go to the new place. Think about it. Is it possible to visit a new place while remaining at home? No, it’s not!

To reach new heights, we need to leave our current mindset to achieve more success. This requires departing from our old thinking style to achieve different results. The important thing to understand is that your new dream demands a new you. Your new life demands a new you. To bring a different level of success, you need to bring different levels of changes. Bigger dreams demand bigger risks, fast-growth demands fast action, and different results demand different thinking.

Albert Einstein once said, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a form of insanity”. Running the same pattern and the same strategy means you are operating your business with the same style, thinking, and decision-making strategies. A different approach, perspective, and mindset are required. There is no secret recipe for growth. Your better life demands a better version of you. So, to achieve the next level of success, you must work on yourself.

2. Leave the comfort zone: Operating in your old style is comfortable, convenient, and familiar. After overcoming challenges, we’re ready to reap the rewards. And no doubt you are reaping the rewards. But deep down inside you want more, you desire bigger rewards, but are not ready to leave your comfort zone. Because you have already accomplished a lot in the past, and it is common to equate future success with the amount of energy exerted in the past. Successful people work smarter ¬¬–– they value time, understand the importance of support, and specifically the right support which contributes to achieving results faster.

The things that brought you here are not the things that will take you to new heights. Your decision to work alone until now was good enough to achieve the rewards thus far and now it’s important to understand that new levels demand a new you, a new strategy, a new mindset, which is possible through the right support because two minds are better than one.

People hire a coach for the exact same reason. It’s important to understand and recognize what needs to be changed or shifted. When we think about change, our minds think about bigger results equal bigger changes. That’s why working with a coach creates results because many times that shift is not a major one, as small shifts can bring major changes that a coach is aware of and can support.

3. Your perception is your reality: Success has a different meaning to different people and sometimes that could be intimidating. Many times, people equate success to loss of comfort, loss of a relationship, loss of neighbours, or something else. And this perception makes a huge difference. They start to create a pattern unconsciously, which eventually hinders their growth.

Now, it’s your turn to reflect:
• Have you been doing the same thing for years and are operating your business in the same manner and secretly expect success?

• Have you ever equated your success to a loss of some kind?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above and are serious about making a change in your personal life, career or business then contact me at 0426886501 to book a complimentary strategy session.

(Barinderjeet Kaur is a Life coach and human behaviour specialist based in Melbourne. | Facebook page: Empower Your Destiny)

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