New Philips ‘EcoVision’ Globes last up to four times longer

It’s inevitable that drivers’ who regularly use their vehicles for long periods at night or during dusk and dawn hours, will experience more blown headlamp globes than regular drivers, as extended use takes its toll on standard globes.

The release of Philips’ new ‘EcoVision’ Long Life Halogen Globes combats this by providing up to four times (3000 hours*) more globe life compared to standard globes, without compromising light output.

This is great news for professional drivers such as couriers, road transport operators or taxi drivers who regularly spend long periods with their lights on, and who can’t afford the downtime and inconvenience caused by blown globes.

For regular drivers, the benefit of using EcoVision globes is that their headlamps can become virtually maintenance-free for the life of their vehicle.

The added longevity of EcoVision Globes is achieved through higher quality construction including the use of Xenon gas instead of Krypton, a longer lasting filament and a higher precision overall production process.

The EcoVision Long Life Globes are available in twin packs and cover the most popular globe types including: H1 12V 55W; H4 12V 60/55W; H7 12V 55W and H11 12V 55W.

When replacing a blown headlamp globe, Philips recommends changing both headlamps.

The globes are available from leading automotive, four wheel drive and transport outlets nationwide.

*Based on Philips H4 Globe: Lifetime may vary by bulb type