Air Canada plane with 262 passengers returns to Sydney

An Air Canada plane carrying 262 passengers made a forced landing today at Sydney airport after crew members noticed smoke coming out from an oven in the galley.
“A crew member noticed smoke in the galley, possibly from an oven. The captain took all safety precautions and turned the airplane back,” Jeannie Foster, Air Canada’s general manager for Australia and New Zealand said.
“It’s a 15-hour flight, the plane was very heavily loaded with fuel, so natural process is to dump fuel before landing,” Foster said.
However, she said it is not a case of an emergency landing.”We don’t class this as an emergency, or as an incident. It’s just normal process and normal procedures.”
The flight which was bound for Vancouver and Toronto had left the Sydney Airport in the morning and landed shortly after noon, ABC report quoted a spokesman of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).
The incident will be investigated further, the ATSB said. (PTI)