Aussie school principals face risk of violence

Melbourne, July 23: Australian school principals are facing significantly higher levels of violence than the general population, with nearly a third of the respondents being physically abused by furious parents, according to a latest survey.

The Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey, conducted by a group of researchers from Monash University, found that in previous year 27 percent of over 2,000 respondents had been attacked physically, Xinhua reported.

This is more than six times compared with 4 percent of the population, according to local media ABC News.

In terms of verbal abuse, 38 percent of principals reported having been intimidated, while merely 8 percent of the general population had been threatened, which still place principals in a high risk group.

The national survey, released Monday, was conducted in response to concerns that the increasing complexity and workload demands of school leadership roles are impacting on the health and well-being of Australian school leaders.