Australia deports Vietnamese woman for bringing pork

Canberra: A Vietnamese woman has been deported from Australia for failing to declare over 4.5 kg of pork products, authorities said on Tuesday, as Australian recationary measure against African swine fever.

The 45-year-old woman was stopped at Sydney airport on Saturday where she was found to be carrying 10 kg of squid, quail and cooked pork products, reports Xinhua news agency.

“If you are travelling from an African swine fever country – we are watching you,” Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said.

The disease does not affect humans but is deadly to pigs, and is currently wreaking havoc across much of Asia.

Even dried and cured pork products can cause the infection to spread which is why Australian authorities have become especially vigilant with those travelling from affected countries, as well as in screening packages sent by mail.

McKenzie asked those coming from nations affected by the devastating virus to obey the law and help Australia maintain its disease free status.

“Please don’t ask for your favourite meal, don’t ask for your favourite meat treat or don’t ask mum to cook you her favourite sausage and bring it over in her handbag,” she said.

“You will be subject to the full force of our biosecurity regime because we are not going to take any risks with our agricultural platform, our pork producers and letting African swine fever into Australia.”