Australian Immigration – A DREAM REALITY OR A MYTH.

The recent Announcement made few months ago by the new Immigration Minister Mr. Chris Bowen, has not only taken many prospective migrants by surprise but also has confused especially the International student community who are here to study. The current Australian Government has made it very tough for the General skilled Migration with a shorter skilled occupation list and literally making it almost impossible to achieve the points under the new points testing System that will be presumably forthcoming from 1st July 2011. International students are already confused as they are under the wrong impression that it applies for even Graduate Skilled Temporary Visa Category Subclass-485 but let me make it very clear that the new points Testing system will apply only to independent General Skilled Migration visa categories like Subclass 885 onshore, 175 Offshore and also other state sponsored and Family sponsored Visa categories. One of the biggest hurdles for any prospective migrant in the new points system would be IELTS Score as one has to score 7 bands each in all the four components in order to score 10 points. The minimum IELTS score remains the same which is 6 each in all the four components but would be getting no points for it.

The Recent slump in the International student Market has further worsened the situation as no student would like to take any calculated risk in the rapidly changing immigration regulations of the system which gives no guarantee of any further stay or residency. The recent review done by the Immigration Ministry in regards to the new points table in tandem with the Immigration Industry has not shifted its firm stand of going further and implementing it. This would be done in spite of lot of opposition from the Industry experts. Now, keep in mind that under the new points testing system anyone who wish to qualify for permanent residency will have to score 65 points which is a bit hard to achieve when comparing with the existing points testing system where one has to score 120 points which was still achievable.

The Immigration Minister has announced a large cut in the intake of skilled migration for the coming year 2012 and most likely would be extended till 2015 making it one of the most Interesting Chapters in the History of Australian Immigration since the “White Australia Policy “in 70s. Now International Students community would be largely affected by the sweeping changes which are to be in effect from 1st of July 2011, but having said that the Business sector which plays a major role in the economy of the country would be affected too because of skills shortage. The Labour Government under the leadership of Ms Julia Gillard is trying to slow down the whole Immigration process of the nation in order to divert as many skilled workers or rather migrants to the regional areas of the country. As a expert immigration advisor myself, I think the only industry which would gain a lot in this rapid transition would be the regional industries who would be getting the cream of all the skills under the Governments New Enterprise Migration Plan which would give more impetus to the Regional skills shortage and in turn encourage Regional Migration under the Forthcoming Immigration policy changes which would be taking place in the year 2012.

Now, Students whose occupations are not listed in the New SOL Schedule 3 of the DIAC will have to look out for other alternate pathways such as Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS-857) or opt for 457 Long stay Business Visa which is popularly called as Work Visa.
The Employer Nomination/Sponsored Visas (ENS) is being extensively promoted by the present Government in order to reach the target of Sustained Migration and Eventually Sustained Population growth. I would suggest people with less English levels to seek regional pathways which would be much easier and which would eventually get them the Residency.

It is very important for International students to have a proper career plan in order to avoid any further confusion in the future but unfortunately it is a true reality. I would suggest that proper planning and right Guidance would be very vital for a flying start in their respective careers, so it is very important to seek right and genuine advice from Expert Immigration Advisor for a smooth ride in the start itself.

Principal Migration Consultant
Career Education Consultancy Australia (CECA)
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