Australian teens praised for saving koalas from bushfires

Kangaroo Island (Australia): A heartwarming footage in which two Australian teenagers drove around fire-ravaged places to rescue koalas has earned them praise.

The clip shared on Reddit by a user with the handle Steve_OH showed a car in which the wild animals were ferried out of the fire-ravaged Kangaroo Island, which is known as Australia’s answer to the Galapagos Islands, as it has rich wildlife.

Micah, 19, and Caleb, 18, are said to have saved at least 20 koalas during their rescue operation.

The clip revealed chilling scenes of burnt animal corpses lining a road in Batlow in New South Wales, one of the worst hit by the infernos over the weekend.

Their cousin, who shared the video originally, said that they left behind the animals that seemed to be fine, LadBible reported.

The video was captioned: “Amid the terrible bushfires in Australia, my cousins went out and saved as many koalas as they could. Good on ’em.”

One fifth of the koalas they saved died within a day due to their burn injuries. Both said they would look after the remaining ones until they could be returned to the wild.