Australian tourism continues to grow

Pic australia tourism
Australia’s overseas arrivals have continued to grow strongly through the end of the year, recording seven percent growth in December 2012 to reach 6.1 million visitors in 2012, data released showed.

The latest Overseas Arrivals and Departures figures, released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), showed significant growth of inbound arrivals from almost all the major source markets with many Asian markets leading the way.
According to the figures, in 2012, the number of international visitor increased by 270,500 – an increase of almost five per cent on 2011 arrivals.

In 2012, the number of Chinese visitors increased almost 16 percent, 9 percent from Malaysia, 8 percent from Singapore and over 7 percent from India and compared to 2011. Visitors from China and Japan grew by 13 percent and seven percent respectively in December 2012.

Minister for Tourism Martin Ferguson said the figures highlighted the importance of the government’s allocation of 48.5 million (almost $50.5 million) to the Asia Marketing Fund and showed the fruits of Tourism Australia’s long term marketing campaign, There’s Nothing Like Australia.

“The significant growth of overseas visitor arrivals in December gives the Australian tourism industry cause for optimism with strong growth continuing from Asian markets,” Ferguson said. (IANS)